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About Me...

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Since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for food. At age 8, I must have taken out the only cookbook (circa 1970) from our tiny school library every month. I spent my last summer at Kent State University devouring cookbooks and testing recipes on my roommates and friends.

This desire drove me too NYC to study classic French cuisine at, the then Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School, now ICE. I’ve worked the lines in fine restaurants for years till I grew tired of the hours and set up my own personal chef business.

My holidays were centered around food and snapping pictures of the abundantly colourful markets from Barcelona to the Napa Valley. This inspired me to become a food stylist and work with photographers to achieve beautiful images of food.

I moved to London in 2007 and assisted/trained under the very talented Katie Giovanni. Eventually I flew the nest and now work for editorial, moving image, packaging and PR for a list of clients. I also develop, test and write recipes.

Here I am today, inspired by healthy cooking for my husband and daughter, I develop recipes and share them on my new blog, First Love, then Garlic. I believe in eating everything in moderation, never deprivation, life is too short.

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